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Sun Butter 18g

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A very special alchemical blend of vibrantly unprocessed plant butters, waxes and herbal antioxidants. Nutritionally dense luxurious whole-food organic butter with ecoCert Zinc Oxide providing high SPF protection. Coconut Cacao butter is enriched with Jojoba, Shea and botanical antioxidants and blended with Zinc-Oxide. The formula contains the purest and least processed cold- pressed virgin organic and fair trade ingredients.

The ingredients we use have been chosen for their low social and environmental footprint, both in production, but also considering the ecosystems they will ultimately end up in.

All of our ingredients come from suppliers that operate at beyond Fair Trade standard, supporting traditional land owners to maintain their chosen way of life.

We source from co-ops that are owner/operator run, with an emphasis on female employment plus a commitment to sustainable, organic farming practices.

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