About the Project

Our Mission

Grow Conscious Consumerism Globally


At Ethical Brandz, our primary focus is sustainability. We are passionate about helping guide consumers towards making ethical, sustainable purchases, while holding businesses accountable for what they’re creating and who they’re employing.

Our goal is to raise the global demand for ethical business conduct. The brands we host aren’t perfect, but what we can guarantee is a higher sustainable value than what is offered in the mainstream market.

We carefully select brands that offer sustainable products that align with our philosophy. Our vision of sustainability goes hand-in-hand with brands that concern themselves with environmental responsibility, diversity and inclusion, women empowerment, animal welfare, artisanal support, and fairness.


How do you decide what’s important to you? Your worldview is informed by your education, upbringing, culture and all other elements of your life that make you, you.

Everyone determines their own ethical principles to follow, and we aren’t going to decide those for you. We aren’t here to determine your personal ethics, or pass judgements on your vision of sustainable and fair consumerism. We’d rather hitch a ride with you on your ethical journey, offering you products that help you be a sustainable consumer and gain some peace of mind.


Environmental Responsibility

From tote bags made of old billboards to skateboards made of ghost nets, there seems to be endless possibilities and creativity when companies prioritize the environment. Now more than ever before, companies have shifted their focus on recycling, upcycling, and reinventing old materials to meet the needs of ethical consumers. Many companies focus on supply-chain sustainability, and take measures to track their water usage, among other efforts.

Environmental responsibility is important to us at Ethical Brandz, and we look to companies that are producing truly sustainable, high-quality merchandise.


Diversity & Inclusion

Many brands today still have a lot to learn when it comes to representing diversity in their advertising. If companies and advertisers ignore the implications of those they are representing, they may lose business at their own cost.

Ethical Brandz is here to help you find brands that value diversity and inclusion throughout the lifecycle of their products—from initial development to final delivery. We believe that equal representation is a powerful social and cultural force. When brands make efforts to hire marginalized people, or invest in under-privileged communities, they become part of this force and contribute to the overall change.

Women Empowerment

Women are integral in a company’s ability to achieve sustainable development. When women are included as artisans, visionaries, designers, and any role in-between, the success goes beyond business, and back into their communities.

Women who have the opportunity to work tend to marry later, have fewer children, earn higher wages, and support healthier and more prosperous families. All of this can help end cycles of poverty.

Ethical Brandz offers a marketplace rich in female-founded businesses. We want to support women from the start of any supply chain to the very last link, because we believe in the innate power women around the world have to create and transform.


Brands taking on artisans in developing countries give them the opportunity to generate a sustainable living, leading to environmental, social, and cultural benefits for artisans and their communities.

Handcrafted products by individual artisans also pose a minimal threat to the environment when made with readily-available fuel and materials. Handcrafting offers income for so many: some brands concentrate on employing those in developing countries, while others strive to take on those from marginalized groups.

Ethical Brandz has the sustainably-sourced products from passionate and skilled artisans around the globe to meet your needs.

Animal Welfare

We love animals. That’s why we stand against hi-tech factory farmers treating animals without dignity.

At Ethical Brandz, we appreciate the cross-cultural ethics existing between different brands and artisans. There are options for vegans and non-vegans alike, and we want to spread our love for items such as ethically-sourced and upcycled leathers, by-products sourced from the edible food industry, and more.

Many brands feel it’s better for our environment to use animal by-products that would otherwise have gone to waste. No matter what their viewpoint, what every brand in our marketplace has in common is higher standards when it comes to using and obtaining animal-based products.

Fairness & Equity

Ethical and sustainable products wouldn’t exist without community. That’s why we believe in supporting small-scale farmers, safe working conditions, and transparency from brands we have here for you.

By purchasing products made fairly, you can help bring economic prosperity around the globe. Buying from brands that value fair practices inherently creates a better future for artisans and makers of all backgrounds.

The Ethical Brandz marketplace is here to offer you products created in environments that value the lives of those behind-the-scenes. Fairness is another reason why we love the brands we have handpicked for our website, and you should too.